John provides a compelling narrative as the reader follows the story of a young investor named Eileen as she learns about the history of activist investing and how publicly traded companies operate. The reader follows Eileen as she progresses from a casual investor, understands her activist views, and launches a proxy vote to change the board of directors of one of her investments. John demystifies the activist investing process demonstrating how retail investors can act as activist investors and that activism isn’t only the province of the rich and influential.

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"If you want to really understand how you, as an investor, can influence the behavior of firms you invest in, this highly entertaining book will empower you to do so. You can make a difference. This book shows you how!"
Joel Bruckenstein, CFP President, Technology Tools for Today (T3)
Meet the Author

John O’Connell

John has more than 30 years of leadership in the financial services and wealth management industries. He started his career at Merrill Lynch and held executive positions in start-ups, emerging businesses, and mature, established organizations. With a passion for the financial industry and technology, John realized he had the experience and know-how to help businesses grow. He founded his own company called The Oasis Group, which has grown significantly year over year since he founded it. He wrote and released The Rise of the Activist Investor in 2022.

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Are you a new retail activist investor or considering becoming one? Are you an experienced retail activist investor? This book is designed to provide insights and a step-by-step process to help both seasoned investors and those just getting started.
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The Rise of the Activist Investor

What It’s All About

Today’s retail activist investors stand at a critical juncture, as unprecedented opportunities to influence publicly traded companies are at their fingertips. The 2021 Meme Stock revolution revealed that individuals have the power to impact capital markets and create meaningful change for the companies they admire.
However, the path to activism isn’t all that clear.  In his debut book, author John O’Connell seeks to help activist investors determine the path to successfully connecting their values and their investments.

Book Review
“As someone who has always tried to invest in companies that reflect my values and make the world a better place, I can say that John’s book opened my eyes and made me think more critically about what it means to be an activist investor in today’s world. It’s a wonderful, thought-provoking read.”
Larry Roth Managing Partner, RLR Strategic Partners
Board Member, Oppenheimer & Co, Inc.
“As a founder of a prominent company focused on helping investors make the world a better place, even I am often overwhelmed by the uphill battle faced by environmentally and socially focused investors. In the “Rise of The Activist Investor”, I’ve found a fascinating and practical playbook that I’ll be turning to repeatedly to help my clients find, rally, and empower other investors with similar values to enact positive change at even the largest of publicly traded companies.”
Benjamin Webster President & Chief Executive Officer

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